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wp-championship v4.0 released

This morning I release version 4.0 of wp-championship, the WordPress plugin for doing guessing games on your blog. It contains a minor bugfix when adding administrative users and the complete data for the german Bundesliga 2013/2014. Thanks to Thorsten and Thorsten for doing all the typing work. You will find it at or … Continue reading

wp-webp 0.5 adds experimental support for libwebp with lossless compression

Dominik Homberger published a new version of libwebp at the beginning of the year. Take a preview at This new version supports alphachannels, lossless compression and can be merged into HTML5 easily. Now, I integrated this library as experimental feature into wp-webp.  the WordPress plugin to combine WordPress and WebP format. You will find … Continue reading

wp-forecast Version 4.4 is out

wp-forecast Version 4.4 is out

A new version of wp-forecast – the weather plugin for your WordPress blog – is out and brings: = v4.4 (2013-03-27) = * fixed php warnings * added persian translation (Thanks to Ali Zemani) * fixed language code in iframe header Give it a try at

Various WordPress plugin updates

Today I released some updates of my plugins. Go and get it! 🙂 wp-forecast v4.2 – WordPress weather plugin with some special bug fixes, performance updates and an indonesian translation wp-monalisa v2.3 – WordPress smiley plugin got a boost when using many smilies and some minor bug fixes wp-championship v3.8 – WordPress guessing game plugin … Continue reading

Smilies go BuddyPress, bbPress with wp-monalisa

Smilies go BuddyPress, bbPress with wp-monalisa

With Version 2.1. of wp-monalisa, the plugins that smiles at you like only Monalisa does it integrates with BuddyPress and bbPress. When you have BuddyPress installed you can activate smilies using the admin dialog. Smilies are integrated for activities, messages, notice and the bbPress forums. Fetch it via You can visit the documentation at … Continue reading

Update: wp-championship v3.2 #wpplugins

A little eyecatcher just before the euopean soccer championship starts extends the wp-championship WordPress plugin (guessing game for WordPress). If activated the current standings of the group hovered over with the mouse is displayed ajaxlike in the tipdialog. You can fetch via or