Ubuntu 12.04 – Me-TV broken, kaffeine works like a charm

Trying to test my DVB-T TV with 12.04, I muss say Me-TV doesn’t work at the moment. Version 1.3.6 freezes and trying v1.4.0 I got strange behaviour after some channel hopping (Me-TV stopped and tried to scratch my HD for 30 seconds or so, then aborting).

Before you can try 1.4.0 you have to remove the database from v1.3.6 by deleting ~/.local/share/me-tv. You can read more about the bug at launchpad.


Well, I then tried kaffeine and it works like a charm. sudo apt-get install kaffeine; kaffeine, selecting my region, doing a scan and that’s it…I have got a new TV application. 🙂

So, don’t waste your time getting Me-TV to work, maybe we will get a fix during the next weeks.


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