Posted in May 2012

Update: wp-championship v3.2 #wpplugins

A little eyecatcher just before the euopean soccer championship starts extends the wp-championship WordPress plugin (guessing game for WordPress). If activated the current standings of the group hovered over with the mouse is displayed ajaxlike in the tipdialog. You can fetch via or Advertisements

Update: wp-webp v0.3 #wpplugins

Just a tiny update which corrects some PHP warnings which were generated when using wp-webp 0.2. wp-webp extends wordpress a bit for integrating the WebP image format. You can fetch the new version  via or  

Bugfix: wp-greet 3.0 #wpplugins

Bugfix: wp-greet 3.0 #wpplugins

This release of wp-greet, the greeting card plugin for WordPress fixes two bugs concerning the generated mails and the return path and reply to addresses. use sender mail and name as replyto address even when static sender is set and mailreturnpath is not set fixed sendername in link mails was set to blogname not to … Continue reading

wp-forecast 3.9

A new release of wp-forecast, highly customizable weather plugin for WordPress is available now. It contains some fixes for the admin dialog, especially the ajax search dialog and a work around for an accuweather specially when delivering the pressure. Fetch it via or May the weather be with you. 🙂