wp-monalisa – WordPress Smiley Plugin

wp-monalisa is the plugin that smiles at you like only monalisa does.

Get it from wp-monalisa at wordpress.org and read the english documentation at tuxlog.de

Place the smilies of your choice in posts, pages or comments. There are a lot plugins for smiley support out there and some of them are really useful. Most of them don’t work out of the box and this is what wp-monalisa tries to achieve, giving you the ability to maintain your smilies and even turn them into img tags. It’s easy and it smiles at you…


  • maintain your smilies in a separate directory
  • activate or deactivate smilies for posts or comments (all or individual)
  • replace smilies with img tags
  • extend or replace wordpress smiley replacement
  • while edit posts or pages, pops-up in a draggable meta-box
  • extends your comment form to give you visitors the freedom to smile 🙂
  • support for fckeditor (tested with v3.3.1)
  • show Icon tooltips if you want
  • besides using wp-monalisa out of the box you can integrate it deeper into the theme of your choice using php and the wp-monalisa interface (s. chapter 6 of documentation)

The video shows a short overview of what wp-monalisa can do for you.


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