Responsive Images a global view

Yesterday I published a posting about WordPress Automatic responsive images. Frank Bültge brought me to a posting by Anselm Hannemann talking about the WebP image format as an alternative for usual formats like PNG or JPEG.

From the Anselm’s posting:

And now we need an image format which is good regarding to image quality (WebP is already for photos and graphics), which is universal (WebP combines JPEG and PNG / graphics and photos in one format), outputs small files (WebP does) and which is actively developed. All these point perfectly fit to WebP.
The file format is actively under development and as the market share is not that big yet we have the chance to now expand the format featuring this streaming behavior.

WebP is a Google standard giving higher compression rates and the possibilitiy to respond to different devices as a frontend. It is supported by Chrome (of course) and Opera. Using the Google Chrome Frame plug-in you can bring it to Internet Explorer, Opera 11.10 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich too. There are also different ways to get this into Firefox, e.g. using a javascript implementation of a WebP decoder (see Anselm posting for details and links).

For Details about the WebP format and available encoder/decoeer software see the WebP Page at Google .

Sounds great, let’s try it. 🙂


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