wp-forecast brings the weather to your blog

Well, of course I start with do a little advertising for my wordpress plugins.

wp-forecast is a plugin for the famous wordpress blogging package, showing the weather-data from accuweather.com, Google Weather and/or weatherbug.com. Please also refer to the terms of usage of accuweather.com and weatherbug.com


  • Displays the weather data from AccuWeather.com and or WeatherBug.com at your wordpress pages, posts or sidebar
  • Let you choose the
    • one or up to 20 locations
    • the time after the weather data is refreshed
    • the langugage (currently only english or german are available)
    • metric or american measures
    • windspeed unit
    • the forecast days
    • the daytime forecast for up to nine days
    • the nighttime forecast for up to nine nights
  • support wordpress widgets, easy placement 🙂
  • customize the information you want to show
  • supports pull-down forecast data to efficiently use space
  • multiple wp-forecast widget support
  • integration into your site via css
  • comes with an api for wordpress-pro’s 😉
  • comes with a checklist to validate your connection settings
  • support for WordPress MultiUser

You can find the english documentation at tuxlog.de


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