Posted in April 2012

wp-webp Plugin Update v0.2 backend support

I just released a new version of wp-webp the WordPress Plugin to extend your blog supporting the WebP image format. The new release adds first backend functions to WordPress for WebP format. You can upload WebP images, the images will be shown in the media gallery / backend. I also added a german translation. It … Continue reading

How do I get WebP images?

Okay, okay you are wright, with asking me what do I need a WordPress plugin to show WebP images for when I have no WebP images. If you want to convert varisous foramts to WebP ou can use the WebP online converter. At the moment the following formats are supported: 3FR, AFF, AI, ANI, ART, … Continue reading

wp-webp is now on

The WordPress Plugin wp-webp v0.1 is now on ๐Ÿ™‚ Read more about WebP and the plugin wp-webp a WordPress Plugin to WebP enable your site You can get the plugin on my german site too. Looking forward to get some feedback.

WebPJS – easy solution to WebP-enable your site

After looking around for a easy solution to WebP-enable my site I found WebPJS a great javascript/flashscript solution by Dominik Homberger. The only thing you have to do is put the two files webpjs-0.0.2.min.js and webpjs-0.0.2.swf somewhere onย  your site and add a bit of javascript <script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/webpjs-0.0.2.min.js”></script> to the header or the fotter … Continue reading

WebP example post

Just to have one page with different scenarios of emebdding webp images I added one posting to my german site (because refuses to accept embed an object tags). WebP example post

Installing webp-npapi Plugin from source

As I have promissed few days ago, here is a short installation instruction to install webp-npapi from source using Ubuntu 11.10. To install the webp-npapi Firefox Plugin you have to install libwebp, have to install xulrunner-sdk and of course the source of the plugin itself. To have one directory where we install everything, create e.g. … Continue reading